The celebration of the Buwan ng Wika during the month of August is still one of the activities that make student life memorable. During this school event, students showcase their talents in dancing traditional Filipino dances in complete traditional Filipino costumes. I bet everyone got their foot hurt dancing the “tinikling” when they danced out of rhythm with the bamboos. Or looked forward to seeing the most popular male dance “maglalatik,” and the most popular Muslim dance “singkil.”


In addition to Philippine folk dances, students also spend countless hours memorizing kilometric poems for the choral reading. And equally busy planning a great choreography for their flock are the teachers, in order to bag the trophy for the choral reading champs and earning bragging rights to being the best choreographer and the choreographer to beat.

The famous “Balagtasan” also gets highlighted at this event. Balagtasan is a debate between two opposing sides where arguments are presented in a poetic manner, of course the language used is the national language which is Filipino. Balagtasan got its name from the famous poet laureate, Francisco Balagtas, who penned the romantic epic, Florante at Laura.


Activities like the Linggo ng Wika are very helpful in reminding the present generation to always show respect for the national language. Every year, young people get to devote an entire month to observing the importance of the national language and its significance to our own identity as a nation and as a group of people.

Nowadays, the new generation or what we call the digital generation, is more exposed in using the English language in communication. Most of the new occupations involve the use of computers and English is the language used in major programs and websites. The power of the English language is very strong and if we don’t remind our young generation that we have a national language, it might become obsolete in the future. It will join the Latin language and eventually might be forgotten. What a sad fate it is going to be for the 100,000,000 Filipinos.